London Underground is
the streetwear brand inspired by the London Underground,
the world’s first underground subway with a history of 160 years.

Our brand motto is ‘Unexpected Heritage’
and we combine the heritage of the past with present trends in everyday life with a new perspective.
our street label reinterprets the past from a fresh and new perspective.

We create collections based on a solid foundation of expertise,
showcasing a wide range of colors, layered styling, and highly sensitive details that are rarely seen.

#LondonUnderground #LUG1863


"No other city is so recognised by its transport system as London.
From the Iconic Tube trains and Routemaster buses, to trams and river boats, everyday millions of journeys are made across the network.
The Transport for London (TfL) brand is deep rooted in London's DNA.
With over 160 years of history, the brand tells the story of London - with it's heritage of posters, photographs and vehicles along with the globally recognised roundel and famous Underground map. TfL is quite simply 'the London brand'"

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