• 2024 Spring Summer ‘LOST AND FOUND : Gone missing’
    'LOST AND FOUND : Gone missing'
    #connection #city #transport
    24SS collection Gone missing is an unexpected happening. It sheds light on something lost and the process of finding it again.You can face stories you've forgotten in the process of following the track of what you've lost. I want to throw a message of opportunity that I can get it back.
  • 2023 Fall Winter ‘Life from a Tube’
    'Life from a Tube : the passage'
    #connection #city #transport
    It's the first launch project of London Underground.Inspired by the historic London subway tube and modern people who use it, it unfolds.The London tube connects the past and present of many Londoners.In it, there are various stories other than Lee Dong.(Love, music, sleep, knowledge, etc.)Various familiar and unfamiliar stories gather to become a passage called "London Underground."The tube connects many people's daily lives today as well.

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